GLOB LOGIS is a reputed logistics operator.

When performing any type of transport orders we currently use a fleet of 30 modern Renault vehicles. We have selected Renault Truck, as the cars have proved their reliability in our thorough tests performed on routes of hundreds of thousands of kilometres. In addition, cabs of the new range are very modern and offer the drivers high comfort of work and rest. Cooperation with Renault Truck allows us to effectively optimize the costs, time and conditions of transport.

Safety is our domain.

The safety of our customers is ensured by our qualified staff meeting all standards in this respect. By caring about our employees and their development, at the same time we care about our customers. The next level of safety of our company is the insurance on cargo for the amount of EUR 300,000 and its continuous monitoring. Another important element is our fleet of vehicles that are periodically inspected and maintained to ensure the safety of transport.

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