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Glob Logis

Glob Logis, a family run business comprising 33 persons, has been working to earn your trust continuously for 26 years. The company operates since 1993 and owing to reliable operation and ongoing development, since 2000 we have expanded our activity by international transport. Now the company from 2015 functions under the name of GLOB LOGIS.
We care about your satisfaction, which is why we make every effort to ensure that your transport arrives on time and without interference.

Professional crew

Logistics is not only good equipment, but above all people, the best professionals. Our team consists of professionally skilled shippers and experienced drivers involved in the tasks entrusted to them, for whom their work is a real passion. Caring about the development of our drivers, they regularly participate in training held by "RENAULT TRUCKS" in the proper driving and using cars. Office staff take care of a well arranged and safe transport of goods and of the minimization of transport costs.
A creative and responsible team generating a continuous development allows to find new and better alternatives.

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Janusz Czarny F.H.U. „GLOB-LOGIS” 34-221 Skawica 351 NIP: 5521640325